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Trade Show USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Trade Show USB Drives For Your Promo Marketing Campaigns

After researching around the net for the resource with the branded wholesale flash drives to get more viewers to our display campaign, I finally found a company in the midwest that specializes in this kind of work. My buddy Tom Pellegrini recommended this business to me because of their capabilities and the value-added they put in all of their products. The company is called CustomUSB and they were able to hook up the city of Bryant with flash memory when we promoted at the Killians Trade Expo For Government Administration.

The customer service is superb. They found the best flash drives for our town and it was at a price that's much much lower than I expected. The ROI on these kind of campaigns is exorbitant and we were able to put the City of Bryant on the map and attract new business to our town, include Kane Energy Consultants that will be opening a new office later this year and have comitted to hiring at least 5 new town workers. It's been a huge success for our tradeshow goals and I recommend everyone try them out if you're serious about getting business in your town.

You can find out more about how USB 2.0s work here:

Leading Promotional Usb Resource For Government Adminstration and custom flash drives

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